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For over 40 years, Attorney and National Lawyers Guild Detroit & Michigan Chapter Board Member Ronald D. Glotta has fought on behalf of workers. Specializing in workmen's compensation cases, Glotta believes in the "militant representation of workers against the ravages of capitalism."

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Call to ActionCALL TO ACTION

It is time for progressives and all supporters of democracy to act. The political crisis in this country demands action of every type from the study of history, particularly the Hayes/Tilden election, to demonstrations in the streets. As everyone has heard a thousand times, a crisis is the simultaneous presentation of danger and opportunity. It is literally true that the history of the 21st century will be defined by what happens in the next 6 to 12 months. For all the tired use of clichés, nevertheless, it is true that those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Even the New York Times, that bastion of power representing a certain section of the ruling class in the world, took the time to analyze the Hayes/Tilden election. The New York Times, however, took the most conservative possible interpretation of that constitutional crisis. After cursory discussion of the election and Florida's crucial role, the New York Times (11/12/00) stated: "That gave Hayes 185 electoral votes and left Tilden with 184. The incensed Democrats threatened retaliation. They said they would engage in a filibuster that would prevent the completion of the electoral count until Inauguration Day came and there was no president. They vowed to congest the streets of Washington and prevent Hayes from being inaugurated. Democrats organized armed bands and, threatening 'Tilden or blood', said they would physically put Tilden in the White House. There was real fear that war would break out.



GhandiThis paper is written to discuss the reasons that a simple film festival is used for political struggle and the ways in which these struggles are framed. The single most important goal of the ruling class is the depoliticalization of the working class. The people who run and control the world can only exercise control when the vast numbers of people are unaware of history, are uninterested in politics and misunderstand their own economic self-interest.

In the movie Gandhi, there is a very telling scene where Gandhi is negotiating with the English generals who control India and who are ideologically committed to the continuation of colonialism. In the scene the English general dismissively condescends to Gandhi stating: “you don’t expect us simply to pack our bags and leave.” Gandhi replies: “that is exactly what you are going to do because 1 million English administrators and troops cannot control 300,000,000 people who are determined to end colonialism.”



Brown vs Board of Education

The death of Ronald Reagan and the anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education are two events seemingly unrelated but tied together by a history of race in this country: Tied together tragically, intricately and necessarily.

Brown vs. Board of Education released tremendous energy in the fight for justice, provided hope for progress, broke down the ideological fortress justifying Jim Crow segregation and destroyed the underlying justification for racism.

Ronald Reagan, 26 years later, established a new form of coded racism and method of oppression by pandering to the most racist perspectives in the South and then using those perspectives for a political power movement.

Certain basic principles need to be analyzed to understand how we can build a new movement for social change.


Ronald D. Glotta's Latest Book

The Road To Hell Is Not Paved With Good Intentions
by Ronald D. Glotta
The Road To Hell Is Not Paved With Good Intentions

(Paperback Edition)
Only $15.95

Like so many that care about their country, Ronald D. Glotta believes that America is on the wrong road. But he is clear: we’re not meandering down the road, we’re being driven by powerful forces that clearly want to take us there. In The Road to Hell Is Not Paved With Good Intentions, he outlines the reasons we are on that road, and gives some clear prescriptions for progressives who want to have a real impact on the direction of this country and the world.

Excerpts From Road to Hell:
“The African-American community, intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, is central to developing and demonstrating a moral vision for America. Whether it’s Aretha turning every song into a freedom song, or Venus and Serena exploding sports stereotypes, it is a consistent vision that promotes tolerance and opposes oppression.”

“Katrina and Rita exposed every contradiction of race and class in this country. That makes the first step in the building a movement of resistance to the fascist government which has now captured the U.S. government—naming and exposing it—almost easy. We cannot back away from this challenge; it is the moral imperative of the 21st century. We cannot reform, dress it up, make it more human. We must name it, expose it, reject it and destroy it.”

“One thing that people do not realize is that the vicious brutality of the Bush administration is not some aberration but an inevitable result of the concentration of wealth in the hands of the most vicious, the most selfish, the most greedy members of our society...our vision of the future of a society which promotes compassion, altruism, gentleness, decency, and tolerance, stands in stark contrast.”